Sunday, May 6, 2007

My ongoing investment for those horny 72 hories.

I fancy myself (no, not "that" kind of fancy) as Allah's personal soldier. Fighting the enemies of Islam (read: Christian fuckers) on the net.

As a soldier in a battlefield, it is only right that I arm myself with enough armory, yes? Since this is a cyber space war zone, the most important equipment is?, Yes, you guessed it right! (or did you?) It's domain baby. domains!!! Not one, not two, but many. As much as possible. Only with my own domain, my own space can I post lies, idiotic "findings" and utter nonsenses about the Christians, the Hindus, Buddhist, Atheists, Muslims (oh yeah, you liberal bastards, don't think you are not in my list!) and everyone else. It is very important to have own domain names you know. It gives your mission an image of importance. It makes people understand that you mean business. Not to mention the sellable ad space. YEah, I am sort of saving to own that bushy "thing" the halal way.So, money (USDee only please), as it is, is the important "factor" in my fight for the Khalifate!

Anyway, I have alot of domains to fight the Christian fuckers: Ittaqullah, Jundullah, Noorullah, Bismikallah. Not enough. I have a lot of things to write about the missionaries. Plus, it looks like payperpost is having more and more ad op these days. So, maybe I need to ad anoher one to my ever expanding stable?

I was thinking of a suitable domain when suddenly it came flashing in my head. Oh yeah! This domain will describe my relationship with Allah, the best way. Why didn't I thought about it earlier? Well, better late than never, eh?

Kalbullah. Allah's dog. Yeah. God's own Dog, I am. Loyal, faithful, humble to God and a fucking bitch to everyone else. Kalbullah. Me. Or maybe I should go a bit cryptic and buy Err, maybe I should by bot. More PPP!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

I will bend over my back for a few dollars (USD only!!!)

I was born in San Jose, USA. I hate that country. It is the Evil of all evil. The Ally of the Israel. The nation of the Kaafir. I will not ever go to the USA unless I get a chance to. At every chance I will condemn the USA and its people. I am pretty sure all the girls there are of low value (I bet they shave their eye-brow and pussy every day, disgusting whores!!!)

Don’t get me wrong though. I would not hesitate a minute to pretend my undying love to this nation of Shaitan when and if payperpost throw a few dollars to my PAYPAL. Then I will write in my Islamic Blog on how good it is to buy a land in Maryland and migrate there! Or buy a second hand car from an anti-Islam redneck bastard dealer! Oh yes!

But be warned though, everything I do, I do it for Allah! So I get paid by PayPerPost (American) in US currency. But I use it to fight that very Shaitan!!! Takbir!!! Yeah I know, sneaky and sleazy. Very smart too. That’s me, MENJ The Moron.

Yeah, once in a while I use the money I get from that Nation of Shaitan to buy bourbon , or subscribe Play Boy. But, a man needs his leisure, kappish?

Now, get out of here!!! Liberal bastards. I will write about that naked hanging man after I write a 5 dollar review about Russian Beauties Dating Site. You just wait!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'll eat you baby. Hair and all!!!

I own this thing. Or this girl. Whatever. Same difference.

Now, the reason I first own her (it) is because of her bushy eyebrow. Very beautiful. It makes my blood rush down to “that” organ every time! (Maybe I can blame it on gravity, but I think, it’s that bushy eye brow, and another bushy something).

The other day she begged me to shave her eye brow. The nerve!!! Of course I said NO!!! What is the use of owning her then, if she is no more bushy!! I like bushes! I threaten to DISOWN her (it) the minute that bushes are gone. Of course being the thing (or person, whatever) with vagina, she is of no value by her (it) self. The brightest point of her (its) life was the moment I decided she is good enough to be owned, by ME. So, she (it) decided to keep the bushes anyway. I also agreed to keep her (or it). But not before making her promise that she would never ever again think of shaving her eye-brow or cutting her hair!!! She can trim her pubic hair however, once every 40 days as per the holy script. Not a minute sooner, mind you!

You see very bushy, very beautiful, yes?

My bushy girl

Now, do you know why I am so very fond of myself?

Beautiful bushy ME

Yeah, bushy!!!
I am in love with my bushy self. I think I will do me!!! Er….Actually, I sort of already did a few times. Almost broke my neck too!

Page Rank, You Idiot!!!

Yes. I am aiming for this blog to outperform my other blogs. All twelve thousand two hundred twenty of them. For that, I might have to increase the Page Rank of THIS BLOG to about a Million and twenty two out of the possible 10.

That would make my job as a PRO BLOGGER (no less!!!) more easier. You know, I can pretend to be working full time in front of my PC while watching naruto or other Japanese Porn. Errr... Wallahi I do NOT WATCH PORN, except for the Japanese one. Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi! I am innocent. Watch me in youTube and believe!!!

So here's what you guys have to do. If you like me and you own a blog, link my blog to yours. I will link back. If you hate me and own a blog, link my blog to yours. And go find a nice lady to fuck! And most importantly, add me to your Technorati Favorite, eh

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I am M.E.N.J

I am MENJ. The Moron. Or The Jerk. Or The Complete Idiot. Or The Pig. Whatever.

Welcome to my blog. Well, welcome to one of my n numbers of blog. Yes. I have twelve hundred thousand twenty two blogs and counting. All under my belt.

Stay tuned!