Thursday, May 3, 2007

Page Rank, You Idiot!!!

Yes. I am aiming for this blog to outperform my other blogs. All twelve thousand two hundred twenty of them. For that, I might have to increase the Page Rank of THIS BLOG to about a Million and twenty two out of the possible 10.

That would make my job as a PRO BLOGGER (no less!!!) more easier. You know, I can pretend to be working full time in front of my PC while watching naruto or other Japanese Porn. Errr... Wallahi I do NOT WATCH PORN, except for the Japanese one. Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi! I am innocent. Watch me in youTube and believe!!!

So here's what you guys have to do. If you like me and you own a blog, link my blog to yours. I will link back. If you hate me and own a blog, link my blog to yours. And go find a nice lady to fuck! And most importantly, add me to your Technorati Favorite, eh

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blueapple said...

This post is not worth commenting!!